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1 Mgaagdi 213 pts 55 Yum
2 Mdweisbeck 206 pts 28 Yum
3 Yaukingyuen 203 pts 14 Yum
4 Niggahwat15 203 pts 7 Yum
5 Melissamalicious 200 pts 3 Yum
6 MillerH 188 pts 2 Yum
7 Boulevard226 155 pts 1 Yum
8 Ianbolland 153 pts 0 Yum
9 Swordline 143 pts 0 Yum
10 Lynn65 142 pts 0 Yum
11 Markey14 21 pts 0 Yum

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Addictive and easy to learn and play, Yatzy will give you hours of gaming, fun, and excitement!

Addictive and easy to learn and play, Yatzy Fury is the ultimate website of Yatzy that will give you hours of gaming, fun, and excitement.

Yatzy rules

What rules are used to play Yatzy?
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How do I play?

How do I play yatzy?

To score the most points by rolling five dice making certain combinations (5 identical dice, a pair, three of a kind...). To achieve this, a player has up to 3 dice rolls per turn, and can decide which dice he or she wishes to keep or to roll again.

The objective is to achieve the best score, with some dice combinations delivering extra points.

The scoring table keeps track of dice combinations that were produced.
For each turn, a row must be filled in with the corresponding score. For instance, the dice roll (3,3,3,2,2) can be registered in the -twos- with 4 points, in the -threes- for 9 points, in the -three of a kind- for 13 points, or in the -full- for 25 points.
You may have, or you may decide strategically, to fill in a row that does not match the dice roll, with a score of zero (0).
You cannot cancel a score in the scoring table once it is entered.

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3 Simeyman 264 3:16 92

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