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Yatzy game

I don't know how to play. Can I learn?
Yatzy is an addictive game and it only takes a few minutes to learn how to play.

If you don't believe it, just follow the tutorial provided on Yatzy Fury. In 5 minutes, it will explain all the rules of this wonderful game. :
Play with the tutorial.
What are the rules?
Yatzy Fury follows the traditional rules of the Yatzy game available onWikipedia. Please take note:
  • There is no -chance- square on Yatzy Fury : instead, we will use the -Minus draw- and the -Plus draw-
  • The bonus for scoring 63 points or more in the first game is 30 points.
  • The 'plus draw' lets you score the dice's total amount.
  • Minus draw lets you score 30 points minus the sum of your dice.
  • The small straight: Four sequential dice (1-2-3-4, 2-3-4-5, or 3-4-5-6).
  • The large straight: Five sequential dice (1-2-3-4-5 or 2-3-4-5-6).
  • One game is limited to five minutes.
  • Yatzy Fury introduces the concept of Joker.
If you are unsure, learn all the rules of yatzy in 5 minutes tops, by following the tutorial we offer on Yatzy Fury:
Play with the tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to activate cookies?
In order to identify you and keep your scores on Yatzy Fury, cookies must be activated.

If your browser does not accept cookies, you have to activate this feature.

Please visit this page to learn how to activate cookies according to your web browser:

How to activate cookies?
I forgot my password, what do I do?
If you have forgotten your Yatzy Fury login or password, go to the following page:

I have forgotten my login or password.

Please enter the email you used during your registration.

Yatzy Fury will send you an email containing your login and password.
Is the registration to Yatzy Fury free?
Yatzy Fury is absolutely free!

Anybody can sign up and play yatzy for free.
I signed up, but I never received the activation email.
First, please ensure that Yatzy Fury messages are not automatically moved to your SPAM folder.

If this is not the case, please check that the email you provided is correct. Make sure your email is correctly spelled.

If your email account is from AOL and you do not receive the Yatzy Fury activation email, please sign up using another email address. Many online services offer free email accounts ... (such as yahoo, hotmail or gmail...).
I have not received the activation code used to validate my account.
If you have lost or never received your activation code, you can ask Yatzy Fury to send you a new one.

Should you encounter any problems, go to page:
Your activation code
How do I delete my account on Yatzy Fury ?
At any time, you can request your account to be deleted from Yatzy Fury.

Should you encounter any problems, go to page: Request an account to be deleted
I wish to change my username.
This is not possible!

We recommend that you delete your old account and create a new one with the username you wish to use.

Games (On the homepage)

How does it work?
Every day,Yatzy Fury organises yatzy games, at the rate of one every 20 minutes. The number of players is unlimited. The first players earn YUMS.The more participants to a game, the more yums will be up for grabs, but it also becomes harder to earn them!
How are game participants ranked?
The participant with the highest number of points wins the game. In the event of a tie, time will be used to declare the winner.These two rules are used to determine the overall ranking.
I finished a game, but I didn't receive my yums!
Please be patient!

Everybody must finish their yatzy game.

A game lasts five minutes, you have to be wait a little before the definitive ranking is available and receive your yums.A game lasts five minutes. You have to wait a little before the definitive ranking is available and you receive your yums.
Can I join a game at the last minute?
Of course!

No matter when you join a game, you always have five minutes to complete it.


What is the ranking of the month?
At the beginning of each month, at midnight, all the YUMS are reset.

Players continue to challenge each other and earn YUMS during usual games, and this impacts the ranking of the month.

At the end of the month, gold , silver and bronze medals are awarded to the best 3 players.

To reward the best players of the month, one honor point is awarded to players ranked between 4th and 10th.
What can we earn for ranking in the top players of the month?
The best players of the month earn a medal based on their position.

Finally, CREDIZ and GOLD are offered to the top 10 players of the month according to their position in the ranking.
  • 1st: 100 CREDIZ and 1000 GOLD
  • 2nd: 70 CREDIZ and 500 GOLD
  • 3rd: 40 CREDIZ and 200 GOLD
  • 4th to 10th: 20 CREDIZ and 50 GOLD
What is the hall of fame?
The hall of fame lists the players who won the most gold, silver and bronze medals on Yatzy Fury.


How does it work?
Every day, you can challenge another Yatzy Fury player to earn his yums.
You bet a certain number of yums, and both players play a game of yatzy.If you score higher than your opponent, you earn the yums in the pot. Otherwise you lose your yums!
Can I challenge anybody?
You can challenge anybody, but there are some rules to follow:
  • You can only challenge one player per day.
  • You can't challenge a player who has already been challenged during the day.
  • You must wait 15 days before you can challenge a player you have already challenged.
  • You can't challenge a player who is more than 50 ranks ahead.
How many yums can I bet?
  • You can bet up to 90% of your yums.
  • You can only bet up to 10% of your opponent's yums total.
I've been challenged, how can I play?
If you are challenged, a large orange rectangle will appear, inviting you to take up the challenge.
What if I'm on holiday?
Unfortunately, you cannot just take a leave on Yatzy Fury!

However, since yums are reset at the beginning of each month, we advise you to play sparingly during the current month if you know you won't be able to take up your challenges.


What about the CREDIZ ?
CREDIZ are used to get jokers to improve your chances of getting the highest score. They also let you play another yatzy game immediately, without having to wait.

Each day, each time you log in, you can play a yatzy game and you can challenge someone. But you can increase your chances of winning by getting CREDIZ to play again immediately.
How to get CREDIZ?
You aren't required to own CREDIZ to play on Yatzy Fury.

However, if you want to play longer or improve your chances of winning, you can acquire CREDIZ.

Get some CREDIZ
Can we earn CREDIZ?
Yatzy Fury regularly offers CREDIZ.
  • During the bonus draw at the end of each game.
  • At each anniversary date corresponding to your registration on Yatzy Fury
  • Ranking among the top 10 players of the month.
  • Referring new players.


What about GOLD?
GOLD can be used to win prizes on Yatzy Fury.

The more GOLD you earn, the more you can bet on the prizes your are interrested in.

Prize list
How do I get GOLD?
GOLD can be earned in the same manner as YUMS: By winning yatzy games!

Amount of GOLD you earn depends on the number of YUMS you can earn playing yatzy on Yatzy Fury.

Calculation method is:
For each 10 YUMS you earn, you automatically earn 1 GOLD.

Attention, there is no GOLD to earn during challenges!

Finally, CREDIZ and GOLD are offered to the top 10 players of the month according to their position in the ranking.
Can we get our GOLD back?
No, once gold has been bet, it is final!

Furthermore, we cannot get GOLD back at the end of the draw.


What are YUMS used for?
Your ranking on Yatzy Fury depends of the YUMS you have.

The more YUMS you have, the higher your ranking.

At the beginning of each month, all YUMS are reset, so players can begin competition on equal footing.

Will you reach the best places on Yatzy Fury?

Ranking of the month on Yatzy Fury
How do I get YUMS?
YUMS can be got two ways:
  • Reaching the top places in YATZY games.
  • Winning challenges against other players.


What's the joker?
Joker allows you to cancel a complete dice roll.
When can I use a joker?
During a game, if you have a joker, you can use it at any time you want, but you can have only 1 joker per game!If you dont have any jokers at the beginning of the game, you won't be able to get a joker until the game ends.Make sure you have a joker before starting a game!

When challenging, the use of the joker is different:
  • If you are the one who challenges, then you don't have a joker!
  • If you have been challenged, then you automatically get 1 joker.Even if you use it, it will not be removed from your number of jokers, so feel free to use it!
How do I get jokers?
There are 3 ways to get jokers:
  • 1 - When you sign up for the first time, Yatzy Fury offers you 3 jokers!
  • 2 - When the game ends, during the draw, you can earn up to 10 jokers! (There is no draw on challenges.)
  • 3 - You can also spend 1 CREDIZ to get 3 jokers. (Get some jokers)


How do I earn medals?
Each month, ten medals are awarded to players who ranked in the top 10 places.
  • The player who finished first earns a gold medal.
  • The player who finished second earns a silver medal.
  • The player who finished third earns a bronze medal.
  • Finally, players who ranked from 4th to 10th place earn one honor point.
Is there a medals ranking?
Yes! You can see it on the following hall of fame page.

Yatzy Fury members

How do I find a Yatzy Fury member?
It is quite simple!

Just go on to the search page:

Search for a member
Can I refer friends?
Yes !

To refer your friends, you can use the following form:

Referring friends

If you do not wish to use this form, don't forget to tell your friends to indicate your username in the -REFERRAL- field when they sign up.
Can we earn something by referring friends?
As soon as your referred friend earns 1000 YUMS, you will be credited with 2 CREDIZ.

Your referral will receive 2 CREDIZ upon registration.


Are there any prizes to win by playing on Yatzy Fury?
Yes, you can win superb prizes on Yatzy Fury

To learn more, please visit the following prizes page:
Prize list

How do I win prizes on Yatzy Fury?
To win a prize, you must bet the GOLD you have won by playing on Yatzy Fury.
As long as a prize is not unlocked, you can bet as much GOLD as you want.

As soon as a prize is unlocked, it is not possible to bet GOLD anymore. A random drawing will then take place to designate the prize winner, knowing that the more GOLD you bet, the higher your chances of being the winner.

For instance:
A prize has received a total of 100 GOLD in bets. You have bet 50 GOLD, you have a 50% chance of winning the prize.
Prize list


What for?
To organize a mini-competition between your friends, your family, or quite simply with Yatzy Fury players who have accepted your invitation.
How does it work?
It is very easy: just go to your member area and click on My friends group

Then, you will see the groups you belong to, and you'll be able to create your own group.
How do I invite my friends?
It is very easy: just go on your member area and push the -Invite- button.

Your friends will then receive an invitation. If accepted, they will automatically be placed in your group.

Then, you will see the groups you belong to, and you'll be able to create your own group.

You can invite whoever you want at any time by accessing the player details page.Click on the -Invite- button to invite a player to join your group.
How do I join a group?
First off, consult the list of already registered groups on Yatzy Fury.

Locate the creator of the group, and just ask him to invite you to join his group.


Trophies: what are they?
Trophies are like personal awards you can unlock on Yatzy Fury.

There are a few trophies to unlock on Yatzy Fury, it's up to you to discover them! 


Not registered yet?

By becoming a member, you'll be able to:
  • Challenge other players
  • Win amazing prizes
  • Reach the first step on the podium
  • Just have fun...
  • And it's absolutely free!

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