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LCD TV 46inch - Full HD

SONY Bravia - 46inch - Full HD - TNT HD:
Give your multimedia centre stage with this Sony 46inch TV! The KDL-46V5100 boasts a Freeview tuner and Full HD resolution, allowing you to experience your entertainment like never before! As well as having a deep piano black finish, this compact screen incorporates some of the best technologies around.

Thanks to BRAVIA Engine 3, contrast is better, colours are brighter and pictures are clearer. The S-Master digital amplifier and S-Force Front Surround sound work to ensure image and sound quality is spectacular, while the extensive set of connectors, including four HDMi sockets, two scart jacks, a USB port and an Ethernet entry, to name but a few, really open up the possibilities.


PlayStation 3 - 120 GB

SONY Playstation 3 Slim - 120 GB:
In spite of its ultra-compact design, the new Playstation 3 Slim is just as power-packed as the original PS3!

Step into the world of next-generation gaming, multimedia and more with the PlayStation 3 Slim and its built-in Blu-ray player and 120 GB hard drive. You can even listen to MP3 music and view photos and videos directly on your PS3 Slim.

What's more, this sleek console has a wide range of connection ports with an HDMi output and two USB ports, as well as WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity.

The Playstation 3 Slim is a compact console that's packed with all of Sony's finest technology!


XBOX 360 - 60 GB

Xbox 360 Console - 60 GB:
Step into the world of high-definition gaming with the Microsoft Xbox 360!

Its performances will blow you away, with resolutions of up to 720p/1080i for high-quality HD action! A stylish design and user-friendly interface also make the Xbox 360 a versatile multimedia entertainment centre that will look great in your home.

Three USB 2.0 ports are on hand for hooking up your Xbox 360 to your PC, MP3 player or digital camera. Plus, you won't find yourself tangled in cables, as the wireless handsets have a 10-metre range!

This premium version of the console has a removable 60 GB hard drive for storing all kinds of content downloaded from Xbox Live. This pack also includes the Xbox 360 headset - a serious must-have for online gaming!


Nintendo Wii

Nintendo Wii console:
With Nintendo's Wii Console + Sports Resort Pack you get a Nintendo Wii console and the Wii Sports and Sports Resort games, along with a Wii Remote and Nunchuk!

The Wii Console itself has a 512MB internal flash memory, two USB 2.0 ports, and built in WiFi 802.11b/g technology for easy wireless connectivity. Wii users can also communicate effortlessly with Nintendo DS handheld consoles.

The Nintendo Wii Console + Sports Resort Pack gets you off to a great start with two great sporting games, which fully take advantage of the Wii MotionPlus accessory included in the pack, tracking players' movements with more accuracy than ever before!

Wii Sports Resort takes you off to a tropical island and compete against friends and family as you participate in swordplay, table tennis, archery, cycling, power cruising, wakeboarding and more. You can even relax by playing Frisbee with a cute dog on the beach!


Nintendo DSi

Nintendo DSi :

Nintendo has released its latest console - and it looks set to make a a huge impact on the consoles market!

Following on from the DSLite, the new DSi is packed with improvements and new features. At 3.25-inches the DSi's two screens are more than 10% larger than the DSLite's 3-inches, make games even more enjoyable, while its microphone ensures better voice recognition.

The Nintendo DSi also has a 0.3-megapixel digital camera and incorporates image processing software that lets you edit your photos with the stylus. Its SD card reader even lets you take your favourite tracks and photos everywhere with you.


iPod nano - 8 GB

Apple iPod nano 8 GB:
The iPod nano is back with its 4th generation of brightly coloured, intelligent MP3 players. The new iPod nano's shake-to-shuffle feature changes tracks with just the shake of the wrist, making it even more convenient for use in crowded areas or on public transport.

You'll also discover Apple's Genius technology, which automatically analyses your music and creates customised playlists in just one click!

A built-in accelerometer flips the iPod nano's screen orientation according to the direction you hold it, revolutionising the way you play video games by responding to your movements.

The iPod nano is ultra-thin and even more comfortable to handle, and has an increased storage capacity. This 4th generation player even comes with a new and improved range of colours to suit your personal sense of style!


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Are there any prizes to win by playing on Yatzy Fury?
Yes, you can win superb prizes on Yatzy Fury

To learn more, please visit the following prizes page:
Prize list

How do I win prizes on Yatzy Fury?
To win a prize, you must bet the GOLD you have won by playing on Yatzy Fury.
As long as a prize is not unlocked, you can bet as much GOLD as you want.

As soon as a prize is unlocked, it is not possible to bet GOLD anymore. A random drawing will then take place to designate the prize winner, knowing that the more GOLD you bet, the higher your chances of being the winner.

For instance:
A prize has received a total of 100 GOLD in bets. You have bet 50 GOLD, you have a 50% chance of winning the prize.
Prize list

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